In 1882, Jigoro Kano opened the Kodokan, a “school for studying the way”, in Tokyo, Japan. At the Kodokan, Jigoro taught a new discipline of his own design; Judo. Judo incorporated several Jujutsu styles that Jigoro learnt as a young boy, with the addition of utilising physical, mental and ethical education.

Jigoro was academically gifted, yet lacked the physical abilities to defend himself when being teased and bullied by the older children. During his teenage years, Jigoro trained under the teachings of several Jujutsu masters, learning a variety of different styles and techniques to help him gain physical prowess.

When creating his new means of education, Jigoro discarded any “dangerous” techniques aiming to kill or injure, made “grasping” the Judogi compulsory and placed greater focus on correct falling technique. This all helped to reduce the level of violence and put more emphasis on the principle of non-resistance.

Kodokan Judo was born.