A Conversation with Judo Olympian Morgan Endicott-Davies

Morgan Endicott-Davies Judo

Morgan Endicott-Davies is one of the greats of Australian Judo.

Morgan competed at the 2004 Athens Olympics, finished up 5th at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, won the 2004 Oceania Championships and 8 Australian National Championship Gold medals across 3 different weight groups.

During our conversation, we talk about his journey, from starting Judo at the age of 19 in Japan, to competing at the 2004 Olympics.

Morgan also talks about his experience in other combat sports, discussing his MMA fight, Sambo competitions and winning Bronze at the Sumo World Championships.

After taking a step back from representing Australia Internationally, Morgan turned his focus to other areas of his life and talks about how his experience and the lessons learnt on the Judo mat have translated into successful business ventures.

Written by David Groom

David is a 4th Dan Black Belt who has 25 years experience in learning and teaching Judo. As a former Great Britain representative, David has trained and competed in over 40 different countries.

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